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    Colombia 2018 £19.95 Risaralda Birds/Bflies(15v shtlt): 10 birds; Turquoise Dacnis, Cauca Guan, Orange-breasted Fruiteater, Velvet-purple Coronet, Apical Flycatcher,Greyish Piculet, Golden-naped, Black-&-Gold & Multicolored Tanagers, View
    Colombia 2018 £15.95 Birds(13v shtlt):White-mantled Barbet,Flame-winged & Santa Marta Parakeets, San Andreas Vireo, Yellow-head Brush Finch, Purplish-mantle /Gold-ringed Tanagers View
    Colombia 2011 £29.50 Valle Cauca(6v shtlt): Neotropic and Olivaceous Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, Nazca and Blue-faced Boobies, SG2704-9 View
    Colombia 2010 £8.50 Shanghai (birds) MS2649: Scarlet Macaw souvenir sheet View
    Colombia 2009 £27.50 La Guahira(12v shtlt):2 birds,Car.Flamingo,Vermilion Cardinal,SG2564-75 View
    Colombia 2001 £2.95 Nat.Parks (1v): Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Red/Green Macaws, Screamer, SG2236 View
    Colombia 2020 £39.90 Colombia - 2019 Nat. Parks (10v shtlt): Tyrian Metaltail, Oilbird, Andean Bear View
    Colombia 2020 £9.75 Colombia, 2020 - 450th Anniv. Buga (4v shtlt): map, Amazon Kingfisher, View
    Colombia 2020 £37.50 Colombia, 2020 - Riseralda (10v shtlt): Black & Chestnut Eagle, Subtropical Doradito, Striated & Golden-headed Manakins, Yellow-headed Brushfinch, Fuerte’s Parrot, Cauca Guan, Black & Gold Tanager. View
    Colombia 2020 £7.75 Colombia, 2020 - Joint issue with Indonesia (4v shtlt) Multicolored Tanager, Lesser Bird of Paradise View
    Colombia 2021 £14.75 Colombia 2021 Biodiversity (8v shtlt): Black & Chestnut Eagle, (+ Frog, View