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    Ghana 2015 £4.70 Birds (4v shtlt)MS3854: Gt.White Pelican,L.Flamingo, Beautiful Sunbird, View
    Ghana 2015 £11.70 Sunbirds (9v shtlt)MS3852: Orange-breasted, Variable, Mariqua, E.Olive, Amethyst, Southern Double-collared, Malachite, Collared, Scarlet-chested View
    Ghana 2013 £14.75 Animals of Africa (6v shtlt)MS3825: Southern Ground Hornbill on 2, (+ Lion,Zebra) View
    Ghana 2012 £7.90 B.(4v shtlt)MS3796: S.Double-collared Sunbird,Bee-Eater,Glossy Starling, View
    Ghana 2012 £12.50 Parrots (6v shtlt)MS3826: Red-bellied Parrot & Brown-headed Parrot, Brown-necked, Meyer’s, Rueppell’s and Grey Parrots View
    Ghana 2007 £3.70 Birds MS3664: Gray Crowned-Crane souvenir sheet View
    Ghana 2007 £5.50 B.(4v shtlt)MS3663: Red Billed Hornbill, Barbet,Pygmy Kingfisher,Hoopoe, View
    Ghana 1997 £6.90 B. MS2548a/b: Shaft-tailed Whydah & Malachite Sunbird 2 souvenir sheets, View
    Ghana 2017 £17.75 Colorful Birds(9v shtlt):Gouldian/Parrot Finches, Purple Grenadier,Spectacle Monarch View
    Ghana 2015 £5.95 Grey-crowned Crane SS: souvenir sheet View
    Ghana 2015 £7.95 Grey-crowned Crane (4v shtlt) View
    Ghana 2015 £3.80 Swans SS: Mute Swans souvenir sheet View
    Ghana 2015 £6.40 Swans (3v shtlt): Black-necked & Mute Swans, View