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    Niger 2013 £11.87 Parrots (4v shtlt): Cape,Grey,Roseringed, Michel#2071-4 View
    Niger 2013 £7.80 Owls SS: Pharaoh’s Eagle Owl souvenir sheet Mi#2079 View
    Niger 2013 £11.80 Owls (4v shtlt): Af. Scops, Pel’s Fishing, Pearl-Spotted, Northern White-faced Owls Michel#2067-70 View
    Niger 2013 £8.95 Birds of Prey SS: Lesser kestrel souvenir sheet Michel#2078 View
    Niger 2013 £12.95 Birds of Prey (4v shtlt) Brown Snake, Booted Tawny and Lesser Spotted Eagles, Michel#2063-6 View
    Niger 2013 £12.92 Sunbirds (4v shtlt): Scarlet-chested,Pygmy,Mi#2059-62 View
    Niger 2013 £9.82 Herons (4v shtlt): Cinnamon Bittern, Grey, Golaith Herons, Michel#2055-8 View
    Niger 2013 £11.90 Pigeons (4v shtlt): Bruce’s Green, Speckled, African Olive Pigeons, Namaqua Dove, Michel#2051-4, View
    Niger 2007 £4.60 Endangered Species (3v): one Ostrich, (+ Addax, Giraffe,) View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Owls (4v shtlt): Spotted, Eastern Screech, Gt Horned, Michel#2800-3 View
    Niger 2014 £8.60 Waterbirds SS: Mandarin Duck souvenir sheet Michel#2799 View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Waterbirds(4v shtlt):Great Crested Auklet,Grey Heron,Puffin, Mi#2794-8 View
    Niger 2015 £8.90 Northern White-faced Owl SS: souvenir sheet Michel#3299 View
    Niger 2013 £10.50 Masted Vessels (4v shtlt): seabirds (+ barque Europa,Amerigo Vespucci View
    Niger 2015 £10.25 Owls(4v shtlt): Verreaux’s,Greyish Eagle, Pearl-spotted Owlet Mi#3295-8 View
    Niger 2013 £10.90 Niger B.(4v shtlt)Gold Nightjar,Hamerkop,Blue-breast K’fisher,Yv#1998-01 View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Ospreys (4v shtlt): Western Ospreys - Pandion haliaetus, Michel#3060-3 View
    Niger 2013 £7.70 “Tawny” Owl SS: alledgedly Strix aluco souvenir sheet Yvert#191 View
    Niger 2014 £8.60 Owl SS: Eurasian Pygmy-owl souvenir sheet Michel#3059 View
    Niger 2013 £9.95 Owls & fungi (4v shtlt): Great Horned & Barn Owls (& fungi,Yvert#1937-40 View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Owls (4v shtlt):Spotted Eagle Owl,W.Barn,Little,Eur.Eagle-owl,Mi#3055-8 View
    Niger 2014 £8.60 Parrots SS: Hyacinth Macaw souvenir sheet Michel#2946 View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Parrots(4v shtlt)Red/Green,Blue/Yellow Macaws,Coconut Lorikeet,Mi#2942-5 View
    Niger 2014 £8.60 Birds SS: Nicobar Pigeon souvenir sheet Michel#2941 View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Birds (4v shtlt)Superb Starling,Great Tit,Mallard,Black Stork, Mi#2937-40 View
    Niger 2014 £8.25 Stamp on Stamp SS: Chris Is. Frigatebird souvenir sheet Michel#2884 View
    Niger 2014 £10.30 Stamp on Stamp (4v shtlt): old WWF issues, Michel#2880-3 View
    Niger 2014 £8.60 Bird of Prey SS: Harpy Eagle souvenir sheet, Michel#2809 View
    Niger 2014 £8.60 Owls SS: Barn Owl souvenir sheet, Michel#2804 View
    Niger 2015 £10.50 Parrot SS: Scarlet Macaw souvenir sheet Michel#3459 View