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    Singapore 2008 £25.50 Defs (13v shtlt)Sunbird,Goldenback,Flycatcher,Wagtail,Fr.Dove,Scott1259a View
    Singapore 2009 £2.50 Defs. with “2007D” imprint (2v): 20ct Flycatcher, 45ct Wagtail, View
    Singapore 2009 £3.50 Defs. with “2007D” imprint (2v): 30ct Bee-Eater, 65ct Common Goldenback, View
    Singapore 2008 £4.25 Peranakan Museum (8v): six stylized birds, phoenix, crane, etc SG1771-8, View
    Singapore 2006 £3.60 Fl.(6v shtlt:MS1647; as above 2 birds – Moorhen & Egret,(orchids,flowers) View
    Singapore 2006 £3.50 Fl.(6v;2 birds – Common Moorhen & L.Egret,(rest orchids/flowers,SG1641-6 View
    Singapore 2006 £3.90 Birds of Prey Show (8v outline orchids +8 bird labels): Owl, etc View
    Singapore 2006 £3.85 All Star Birdshow (8v outline orchids +8 bird labels): Toucan,Yellow-naped Amazon, Green Winged Macaw, Scott#1189 View
    Singapore 2004 £0.50 Fauna self-adhesives (2v; one bird): Pied Hornbill (& fruit) SG1447-8 View
    Singapore 2002 £2.95 B.MS1235 (4v shtlt; designs as set, Woodpecker, Sunbird, View
    Singapore 2002 £2.85 B.(4v): White-bellied Woodpecker, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Oriole, SG1231-4 View
    Singapore 2002 £6.90 Farquhar Birds (20v=2x10v shtlts; Black-tailed Godwit, Malayan Peacock-Pheasant, Red-wattled Lapwing, Black Hornbill, (+ fish) SG1187-06 View
    Singapore 1993 £1.50 Art (1v): "Cranes" painting by Chen Wen Hsi, SG718 View
    Singapore 2010 £0.95 Def. with “2007D” imprint (1 value): Hanging Parrot perf.13½ SG1699a View
    Singapore 2016 £4.50 Birds of Prey (4v): Black-winged & Brahminy Kites, Changeable Hawk-eagle,White-bellied Sea Eagle, SG2339-42, View
    Singapore 2010 £9.50 Def. with “2007F,E,D” imprints(6v):Kingfisher,Bee-Eater,Dove,SG1693a etc View
    Singapore 2015 £3.90 Botanic Gardens (2v): Hornbills, Otters, SG2281-2, View
    Singapore 2010 £1.20 Def. with “2007D” imprint (1v): 80ct Jambu Fruit Dove, View
    Singapore 2015 £3.95 Nat.History Museum (4v):one Black & Yellow Broadbill, dragonfly,SG2260-3 View
    Singapore 2013 £5.90 Vanishing Trades (10v): Rose-ringed Parakeet,(+ goldsmith,etc),SG2141-50 View
    Singapore 2013 £3.75 Birds (2v shtlt)MS2140: Pheasant/Junglefowl View
    Singapore 2013 £3.70 Birds (2v): Grey Peacock Pheasant, Red Junglefowl,SG2138-9 View
    Singapore 2013 £2.25 G.City (4v shtlt)MS2124:Collared K’fisher,Oriental Pied Hornbill,Sunbird View
    Singapore 2012 £4.90 Brunei-Sing joint issue (2v): orchid, Olive-backed Sunbird, SG2094-5 View
    Singapore 2012 £0.50 Def. with “2011B” imprint (1 value) White-collared Kingfisher View
    Singapore 2012 £12.95 World Stamp Ex.(2v shtlt):White-bellied Sea Eagle,Olive-backed Sunbird View
    Singapore 2012 £8.50 World Stamp Ex.(2v):White-bellied Sea Eagle,Olive-backed Sunbird,SG2075-6 View
    Singapore 2012 £2.50 Independence MS2074: Magpie-Robin, Golden Whistler + souvenir sheet View
    Singapore 2012 £3.30 Independence (4v): Oriental White-eye-, various birds in town, SG2070-3 View
    Singapore 2012 £2.50 Gardens (2v): Collared Kingfisher, dragonfly, flowers, SG2064-5, View