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    Togolaise 2011 £9.95 Pesticide Effects (4v shtlt): Owl, Butterfly, Michel#3824-7 View
    Togolaise 2010 £6.25 Wetlands Birds SS: Great Painted Snipe souvenir sheet, Michel#3438 View
    Togolaise 2006 £6.30 Birds (4v shtlt): Lesser Pied Kingfisher, Af.Spoonbill, Heron, Stork, View
    Togolaise 1999 £2.90 Birds SS: Firecrest souvenir sheet, Scott#1882G View
    Togolaise 1999 £4.80 B.(6v); Parus montanus, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Golden Oriole, Sc#1822A-F View
    Togolaise 1996 £7.50 B.(6v+SS): Linnet, Spotted-sided Finch, Scott#1784-90, was £10.95 Special Offer View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.70 Eagles SS: Golden Eagle souvenir sheet Michel#4126 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.80 Eagles (4v shtlt):Af.Fish,Black-chested Snake,Michel#4122-5 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.25 Forest SS: Owl – Strix occidenatlis souvenir sheet Mi#3988 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.30 Forest (4v shtlt): Harpy Eagle, (+ fungi – Armillaria, Mi#3984-7 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.90 Oil Pollution (4v shtlt; Pelican, Cormorant, (+ Turtle, Michel#3859-62 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.30 Owl SS: Great Grey Owl souvenir sheet, Michel#3898 View
    Togolaise 2012 £9.55 Owls SS: Northern White-faced Owl souvenir sheet Michel#4432 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.25 Owls (4v shtlt): Eurasian Eagle Owl, Snowy, Northern Hawk, Michel#3894-7 View
    Togolaise 2012 £10.50 Owls(4v shtlt)Pel’s Fishng,Owlet,Greyish/Verreaux’s Eagle Owls,Mi#4428-31 View
    Togolaise 2011 £8.85 Pollution (4v shtlt) Califor.Condor,Red-cr.Crane,Eskimo Curlew,Mi#3834-7 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.30 Audubon SS: Brown Pelican souvenir sheet, Michel#4240 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.90 Audubon (3v shtlt): W.Osprey, N.Flicker, Barred Owl,Br.Pelican Mi#4237-9 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.70 Mangroves East Af. SS: Malachite Kingfisher souvenir sheet Michel#4221 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.85 Ethiopian Highlands (4v shtlt): Crowned Eagle Michel#4209-12 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.85 Serengeti (4v shtlt): White-headed Vulture, Batear Fox, Michel#4169-72 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.75 Mangroves of Madagascar (4v shtlt): Bee-Eater, Egret (+ Michel#4157-60 View
    Togolaise 2011 £9.85 Mangroves of Central Africa (4v shtlt): Heron, Cormorant,(+Michel#4149-52 View
    Togolaise 2011 £10.60 Owls (4v shtlt): Afr.Grass/Wood,Verreaux’s Eagle,S.White-face,Mi#4127-30 View
    Togolaise 2013 £9.50 Hornbills SS: Northern Red-billed Hornbill souvenir sheet Michel#4605 View
    Togolaise 2013 £10.62 Hornbills(4v shtlt;Black/white casqued,Piping H.,Grey,Casqued, Mi#4801-4 View
    Togolaise 2013 £9.60 B.Prey SS: European Honey Buzzard souvenir sheet, Michel#5266 View
    Togolaise 2013 £8.87 End.Species SS: African (Jackass) Penguin souvenir sheet Yvert#671 View
    Togolaise 2013 £10.95 B.Prey (3v shtlt):Palmnut Vulture, Red-shd Kite, Buzzard, Mi#5263-5 View
    Togolaise 2013 £7.80 Painting SS: Eur.Jay, Ringed Plover & N.Lapwing souvenir sheet, Mi#4672 View