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    USA 2002 £0.80 Eagle in emblem (1v): SG4038 (Scott#3560) View
    USA 1994 £1.15 Whooping Crane & Black-necked Crane (2v): SG2948-9, View
    USA 1993(4) £0.75 Doves (1 value): SG2884 View
    USA 2002 £0.60 Audubon (1 value): Western Tanager, Scarlet Tanager SG4153, View
    USA 2016 £8.75 Songbirds(8v part pane from booklet) 2 copies each of Cedar Waxwing, Red Cardinal, Gold Brown Kinglet,Nuthatch, one set on reverse of the other(!) View
    USA 2016 £17.50 Songbirds (booklet of 20v = 5 sets): Golden-crowned Kinglet, Cedar Waxwing, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Northern Cardinal, View
    USA 2015 £1.95 Coastal Birds (4v): slightly stylised, coils, as above, SG5606-9, View
    USA 2015 £1.90 Coastal Birds (4v): stylised, King Eider, Spoonbill, Frigatebird, SG5602-5 View
    USA 2015 £1.20 Penguins (2v): both shades, coil & sheet stamp, SG5601, View
    USA 2014 £13.50 Songbirds (20v booklet contains 2 sets of 10v,indivisible):Western Tanager & Meadowlark, Mountain Bluebird, Painted Bunting, American Goldfinch, Baltimore Oriole, Rose-breasted & Evening Grosbeak, (SG5496-05 X 2) View
    USA 2014 £0.67 Hummingbird (1v): coil stamp imperf. X perforate, SG5476, View
    USA 2014 £0.70 Hummingbird (1v): sheet stamp perforate all round SG5475, View
    USA 2014 £1.45 Reprint of Tufted Puffin above, but with grey coloured “2013” imprint View
    USA 2013 £1.40 Tufted Puffin (1v): SG5364, View
    USA 2011 £3.50 Eagle “Spectrum” (6v coil strip) birds’ heads, SG5186-91, View
    USA 2011 £5.90 Flags of States (10v): 2 birds Puerto Rican Tody & Scarlet Tanager, SG5148-57 View
    USA 2010 £6.50 Flags of States Montana-N.Dakota(10v): Great Blue Heron ,Great Northern Loon, SG5023-32 View
    USA 2003 £0.50 Snowy Egret self-adhesive die cut coil p.8.5 (1v): Egretta thula, SG4286, View
    USA 2003 £0.55 Brown Pelican (1 value): SG4277 View
    USA 2020 £9.90 USA - 2019, Birds (8v): Black-capped Chickadee, Northern Cardinal Red-billed Woodpecker, Blue Jay, (2 sets of SG5933-6) View
    USA 2020 £1.90 USA - 2019 Walt Whitman (1v): Hermit thrush View